Satisfying Muma-Wins: My Top 5

Over the course of a week I kept a note of a few precious satisfying moments- ALL of  which I would have laughed out of town before children. I thought I’d share to see if I am alone in enjoying these mini Muma-Wins…

#1 Being asked for ID when purchasing medicinal Cava. Ok so this didn’t actually happen. I’m 31, and look every one of those years. However, I did allow myself to imagine smugly reaching for the Driver License to prove my ‘fresh face’ (ha!) was, most certainly, over 25.
Muma-Win: The impeccably cool Uber-Chic standing in front of me was denied her bottle of Vodka for failing the old wrinkly test; as according to the Just- outta-the-womb check out boy.

#2 Next Catalogue Delivery Day: YES!!! I LOVE this day… However Darcie at the tender age of 4 also loves this day now and dare I say Lila wants in on it too. Managing to rip open the impossibly tough cardboard packaging, before they have noticed what I’m up too. Hurriedly skipping straight to Homeware or Shoes before it’s hijacked by the miniature catalogue thieves, dragging  it back to their lair(far too heavy for them to carry!)  to dribble over the summer collections and rip random chunks out of it.
But I held it first, and I caught a glimpse. Satisfaction.

#3 Finishing an entire cup of coffee before its gone cold. Same applies to toast. In fact, actually remembering I had put a slice into the toaster for myself is a win.

#4 Supermarket Shopping: ALONE. Surely there are few feelings that are as great as entering the supermarket with a trolley: JUST A TROLLY… especially an ‘Extra’ store. Good God, bliss. I had the great pleasure of this a few days ago. I couldn’t quite get over how much satisfaction I was getting out of wandering the aisles at my own pace, rather than my usual breakneck get-to-the-check-out-before-ToddlerMonster-squirms-out-of -Trolley-Jail pace.
Sadly, there were other peoples children in Trolley jail; the sound of parental bribes, the opening of Milky bar packets before they have been purchased, the dulcet tones of “MILES GET BACK ‘ERE, STOP LICKING THE FLOOR” could be heard from Fresh to Frozen.
I was oblivious, absolute Muma-Win.

#5 Clearing the 1.5m (you think I’m kidding..) ironing pile. This is included because as I ironed over the last of the food stained baby vests (nobody sees those, stains are acceptable right?!) I literally felt like I had conquered my own mountain expedition: in one hit. Basically its a shit job isn’t it.
I iron, therefore I am.

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