Welcome to my page! This is a venture I have wanted to embark on for a quite a while, but never had either courage nor time to actually give it a go. So here we have it, I still have little courage, and even less time, but I think this could be a fun outlet and keep my brain ticking over while I play Mummy. Yes, I am your typical stay at home mum. I have a two beautiful girls, 1 and nearly 4 Years old. A pretty gorgeous golf mad husband, and a crazy plastic toy eating cavapoo! You got it: life in a 2.4 children bubble! Every Muma knows that the day to day grind of keeping our children alive AND happy can push even the most seasoned pro to the edge at times. Life on the Mummy circuit is a real eye opener, you find your self judging, being judged, fake smiling and hiding tears on a daily basis! I plan on lifting the lid on life in the suburbs, as well as the trials and tribulations as a Muma on the Edge.

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