Viva Las Blackpool: an unguidey guide.

Blackpool: A bit like Vegas, there’s a casino, a roller coaster or 2, loads of hotels, and a tower. Totally the same place.

Viva Las Blackpool.

I’m pretty vocal when it comes to the subject of holidays and kids. Our eldest is now 5, and toddlerMonster is smack in the middle of her twos. We have never, until this week, been away just as a family of 4. I’ll be honest: To me moving your family to a temporary alien location, kissing goodbye to normality, and undertaking this alone was a step too far. We have always gone on holiday with my parents and siblings – a bit like the Khardashians, but with Easyjet not the Learjet. In my book, this is by far the best way for everyone (except probably my parents and siblings…so just me then) to have a holiday.

Anyway, without banging on too much about the dear god merits of cross generational holidaying, I’ll get back on my Blackpool bandwagon:

We did it, we took the plunge, and scarpered to Blackpool as a family of 4, for 2 whole nights, and 3 whole days, amounting to a total of 12 hours of car time. I think I may have had a little too much Isla Negra the evening we booked.

Here’s a little summery of the trip, including our top tips, in case you fancy hot footing it up to January. Blackpool.

The Big Blue Hotel

It is literally big and blue. So it was pretty easy to spot. That and the fact that it backs onto the Pleasure Beach theme park, so has 3 sodding great rollercoasters for a back yard.

I couldn’t recommend this hotel enough, the location is great and has its own entrance to The Pleasure beach which is open between 10am-11.30am everyday. The hotel offers discounted tickets, AND more importantly 50% discount on speedy boarding. I’ll get onto this point later, but suffice to say it’s an essential add on if you value your marriage.

We opted for a family room (because we are mad) which consisted of bunk beds (aka climbing frame) which were tucked away by the door and buffered by the bathroom before reaching the main bedroom. Anyway, bla bla it had a bed, it had a bath. It was comfy… and clean. Big tick. Oh and room for our travel cot (which the 5 year old slept in. Don’t ask). The 2 year old slept in our bed and so actually it was a total waste of money paying for a family room after all. We may as well have opted for a sardine can.

The girls LOVED the hotel, although there taste is a little warped – they also loved being taken to PoundLand to spend their holiday money…

The Hotel’s Restaurant was a thumbs up – and another tinkle on the high chair. I fear this may be becoming somewhat of a signature move for ToddlerMonster, perhaps tablecloths make her nervous.The Kids were really well catered for, a really impressive full menu just for them. Most guests were staying with children, so I shrugged the Peepee incident off, as did I the red wine going all over the table and carpet; they just replenished my almost gone glass with a full one. FOR FREE. They totally get The Issue of Kid.

The Pleasure Beach

If you have really young children then this theme park is ideal. There are 19 rides which are considered ‘family friendly’ and as long as the Dinky is on board with an adult then there is no height restriction. We did have to purchase a speedy boarding pass pronto after waiting an hour for a truly shite racing car ride though. This was purely a move to save our marriage from the cursing pit of horrors into which it was falling after that queue.

As I said if you stay at the big blue then the speedy boarding, beat the queue, walk into the exits (feeling a bit of a tit for doing so) and ride with no wait, is half the price. Of course we only found the half price voucher AFTER we arrived back at the hotel. Law of the sod at work once more.

With an hours wait on most rides we would have only got a few in, with the passes we managed to ride everything. Every.

Yeh yeh I was getting my money’s worth and refused to leave before it closed, frog marching the fam from one Kiddie coaster to the next.

It’s raining its pouring, it’s actually January.

So what I thought to have been iffy weather the previous day was in actual fact the height of the Balckpool summer. Normality reigned for the rest of our stay in KissMeQuickLand, but actually that was ok because there is a tonne of stuff to do which is on the inside.

We bought a Blackpool Tower ticket which allows you access to all of the attractions which are inside the Tower building. I had no idea all of this was there – I assumed the tower was just that.

Anyway, this ticket got us access to the Blackpool Tower Experience which is a 4D film of Blackpool which strangely is all done to a background of sunshine and blue skies. Perhaps the makers were having an ironic moment. We also got to go and stand on the glass floor hundreds of feet up which totally freaked both girls out – and Dan. I don’t mind heights , just queues. It was alright, but let’s be honest, the view was just a grey town, with a sea.

Blackpool Tower Circus was also on this ticket and was one of the highlights of the trip – it was Darcie’s No.1. Set in a really ornate area at the base of the tower, it even had a sinking floor which flooded for the final act. I was impressed. ToddlerMonster slept through most of it. Bonus.

If you venture to Blackpool I really recommend this!

Blackpool Tower Ballroom was also included on our pass. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, I certainly hadn’t been expecting to step into THE BALLROOM, The Strictly final ballroom. It was stop-in-your-tracks stunning. You are allowed to just rock up and take to the floor, lots of oldies were being persuaded around the shit-you-might-slip shiny dance floor. It was a hard sight to process. I just stared on hoping there wasn’t about to be a hip op situation. Darcie did cartwheels, ToddlerMonster got YouTube out, Dan bought coffee.

Soft Play at the Tower who sanctioned this? I thought we would escape the foam rollers and contagious ball pits for a few days, but no. Some bright spark decided to put a fat soft play IN the Tower. Christ… it was included, so in we went. I cannot recommend a soft play, it’s against my beliefs. (kid’s loved it).

The Blackpool Dungeons – obviously we didn’t take our girls into the attraction which has a severed head on the poster. That would be asking for trouble. So I can’t comment – I’m  just letting you know that if you want to take your kids into a living nightmare, then you can. It’s included!

The finale

Sandcastle Waterpark

We did this on the morning before we came home – the beach plan flopped due to January invading. That’s ok, we thought. We’ll go to that waterpark, the largest indoor waterpark in the UK.

So did EVERYBODY else in Blackpool. The queue was out of the door to go in. If you venture here then arrive for when it opens at 9am, and book on line, 24 hrs ahead. You’ll also get a 10% discount. Obviously we didn’t do any of those sensible for-sights.

Again, the kids loved it. I felt like I was taking part in a capsized boat epic and we were all the extras. Hundreds of bodies, all bobbing about, water cannons going off, buckets filled with the wet stuff coming down on you, a lazy river which was actually quite the opposite, squatting whist a 5 yr old tags on for dear life (even though they can touch the bottom).

It’s worth a visit – just be prepared for The Masses.


Blackpool was brilliant, I honestly do mean that, equally it was great to hang out as a 4.  It’s totally geared for kids which is half of the battle when taking the fam away for a few days. I don’t want to see another chip for a while, but then, that’s not exactly a bad thing. If you are wondering about a few days away somewhere then there is plenty to keep a family occupied in Blackpool, come rain or rain.

Viva Las Blackpool!

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16 thoughts on “Viva Las Blackpool: an unguidey guide.

  1. Wow this actually sounds brill for families! I sound surprised as my only experiences of Blackpool have been Hen do related and involved copious plastic willy straws and inflatable sheep. I have, until this point, laughed at The Hubby for suggesting that we take the kids there. Maybe it’s time that we give Las Blackpool a go!

    PS: Sorry but had to laugh at the high chair pee incident the second – return of the peepee. You did well throwing some red wine onto it though. That’ll help stop it staining (or something) :0)

    Thanks for linking with #fartglitter x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was really great!! I think 2 nights / 3 days was plenty, but if the weather has been better then the beach would have been gorgeous…
      Oh yeh, return of the peepee was just fantabby. The look on the teenage waiters face when we asked for the antibac spray to clean it up 😂😂😂😂
      Thanks for hosting hunipi xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That was a really entertaining post, I have only been to Blackpool once, as a couple with other couples and no kids and we had great fun, loved the pleasurebeach and we even met Dirk Benedict – of A-Team fame, (he wasn’t their to appreciate the masses of terrifying stag/hen does, he was acting in a play, but it certainly added a twist to the trip). Because we had such a good time we have been threatening to take the kids and last time boyfriend wouldn’t let us do the tower as too much money and just a tower – I will be using this as evidence to correct him, which I love to do. Very rarely. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh this brought back *some* memories, I went to Uni in Lancaster either side of a year sandwiched in the US, and spent a lot time in Blackpool in my last year which would have been 2001. Haven’t been back since, maybe I should rectify that! X #MarvMondays


  4. Sounds like you had a really good break there. we pop down there all the time and I was dragged there as a child so it always feels like I should drag my own 5 year old there now :). All these years and I still haven’t been up the tower though!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Even with the queues and the busyness of the Sandcastle Waterpark it sounds like it was a fabulous holiday and worth knowing that a stay at the Big Blue Hotel gets you a 50% discount on the speedy boarding pass. I haven’t been to Blackpool for years but hubby and I did dance in the Tower Ballroom back in our ballroom dancing days (pre-Strictly!) and I have very happy memories of doing so. Glad you had a lovely time 🙂 #twinklytuesday

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That sounds like such a good break away, and well done for tackling as a fam of 4! You’ve given some brilliant tips and if I go to blackpool I’ll be sure to get that quick pass thingy so that we can go on ALL the rides too! We love about 40 minutes from Blackpool so I have no excuse not to go one day! Thanks for linking up to #FamilyFun – Hope you can join us next week!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am so glad I found this post! My family used to go to Blackpool every year in September for the light show. My husband has never been and I haven’t been since I was about 15, so i’m desperate to take our boys one day, but have been worried I have rose-tinted glasses due to fond memories. Fortunately your post has reassured me that it’s worth it! #BloggerClubUK

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This sounds fab, especially for families! My sister used to be a dancer in a show in the pleasure beach so I used to visit loads when I was younger…I absolutely love it, it’s the perfect family holiday. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x

    Liked by 1 person

  9. This was a great read, I really enjoyed it. Having been to Blackpool I could picture a lot of what you are talking about. I can’t say it was my favouritist place in the world but we die stay in a rather crappy hotel at the complete opposite end of the pleasure beach – the OH still hasn’t been allowed to forgetting this booking some 4 years later. That being said I went pre kids well pre my kids and with my then 13 year old step daughter, and she LOVED it. It is definetly a good place for the kiddies and let’s face it when the kids are happy we’re happy! Glad you all had a great time, ps I’m guilty of too much Isla Negra on the regular. Thanks so much for linking at #familyfun. Hope you can come back again next week xx

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  10. Fabulous review of your trip! I went to Blackpool as a child with my mum, aunt and two cousins and all I remember is getting stuck in a lift in Blackpool Tower for half an hour! I imagine it has changed a lot since then so perhaps we should venture up there for a little trip. A x


  11. I’ve never wanted to visit Blackpool, but your post actually makes me want to visit to see it for myself! It sounds like despite any reservations you may have initially had, you guys actually had a pretty good time 😉 Loved your post and guide, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

    Liked by 1 person

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