Flower Fairies: a fresh party idea.

This summer we had the pleasure and privilege to be one of the first to experience a Flower Fairies Create  party.

From the creators of the highly esteemed Highgate Florist & Growers, this new venture is unique and oh so lovely.

‘Flower Fairies Create’ is an opportunity for the professionals to impart their secrets to us, (mere mortals who are only used to re-arranging a supermarket bunch.) whether you are an adult or a child, all in a relaxed setting. These parties can be held either at their effortlessly vintage chic main premises in Rotherfield – not far from the Nursery, or one of the senior Flower Fairies can come to your home or venue of choice at no additional cost – sound good?!

My daughters, aged 2 and 5 along with 2 of their friends of similar ages found themselves in floral heaven when we met with Kerrie to find out what Flower Fairies Create was all about.

We were ushered into a room which can only be described as a pintrest dream. I wanted to photo everything whilst making mental notes of how I might be able to re-create this vibe in my own house (possibly little or no chance: the sickly coloured plastic toys rather kills any attempt at the tres chic feel!) Tea in pretty china cups and saucers, a log burner, exposed brick, piles of wood, and of course: flowers, filled this pretty room. Kerrie clearly has an eye for design, which should come as no surprise as her creations have often ended up in glossy magazines.

The girls could choose if they wanted to make a flower crown, or make a flower jar arrangement, before being given the chance to select their blooms from buckets upon buckets of fresh flowers. This was the first time my girls had ever picked flowers out for their very own use- their big grins and eyes on stalks told us it wouldn’t be their last…

We had a Blue Peter style demo moment from Kerrie. She skilfully showed us how to attach the flowers to the hairbands using all the tricks of the trade. Us Mumas couldn’t help but get involved: it was so satisfying and oddly therapeutic, even with a 2 year old by my side! Said 2 year old was busy ‘arranging’ her floral offering into a jam jar- she had chosen every colour flower possible, with blue being the dominating shade. Hmmm. It was slightly Tate Modern-esq.

The results were truly stunning – even the most testing of kiddliwinks looks undeniably angelic when complete with a Flower Crown! I couldn’t help but get thoroughly snap happy taking hundreds of photos capturing my cheeky girls and their friends having butter wouldn’t melt moments.

The girls were beaming, they had had a blast.

Kerrie was so patient and kind to the girls, taking time to explain the next step whilst telling us how The Highgate Florist had been in her family for generations, and it was now her turn to take this renowned business forward.

Kerrie stayed with us throughout the party, helping the children and talking to us about all of the other workshops that Flower Fairies Create have to offer:

  • Hand tied Bouquet
  • Table decorations – particularly good for Brides to be for creating their own displays.
  • Jam jar decoration
  • Flower crowns

Flower Fairies Create will be hosting Hen Parties, birthday parties, Children’s birthday parties, fundraising events (such as wreath making at schools) and lots more besides.

There are plans to make it possible to hold parties within the extensive grounds of the nearby Nursery that belongs to the florist. This does conjure up a pretty wholesome image of children selecting their flowers to get creative with, straight from the ground. Stay tuned…

The parties vary in price depending on what you choose to create:

Children’s parties start from £5 per child

You can find more information on the Flower Fairies Create Website or  contact the very talented Kerrie:

01892 852783 / 07585004661


Highgate Floris & Growers

1 High Street


East Sussex



Huge thanks to Kerrie for welcoming us, buggies n all. We had a wonderful time trying something totally new. We shall definitely be planning another Flower Fairies Party, and I can’t wait.

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