10 reasons why being a Muma rocks

Welcome to my nifty fifty blog post!

To celebrate such a grand total of waffle I decided to turn the world on its head, and tell you why I think being a Muma totally ROCKS. (I’ve delved deep, and I’m ignoring the fact that I gave in and  fed my 2.5 year old daughter a bottle of milk at 2am last night – yep, I’m a sucker.)

So without further ado, I give you: 10 reasons why being a Muma rocks

  • Love: yes, I’m starting with a belter. That little voice that first says “I love you” has the power to move mountains: or at least make me immediately forget that my Chanel lipgloss has now become an abstract motif on my new wallpaper. LOVE ROCKS!
  • Endless supply of great big fat cuddles – even when you are on the loo! No boundaries here, just hug away, literally ANYWHERE.
  • You get to eat fish fingers beans and chips on the regular, and sometimes I treat us to  those alpha-bites (ohhhh I hear you gasp, you badass) occasionally I turn uber Bad-Mom and leave hubster a naughty word on his plate: scandalous! oh the endless laughter to be had…
  • The buggy / Trolley. No gorilla arms for me, I just load up: not sure if you need a coat, iffy weather? No need to ponder that big question – Just pop it on the buggy! The fact that my children no longer ride the buggy is irrelevant. I’m not letting go of my trolley. I’ll never let go…
  • Christmas. I thought Christmas was good as a kid, but having kids at Christmas is a whole other ball game. I love scouring the shops – and internet, mostly internet for little things I know they will love. Different little surprises and other ways to make it all magical. There is no such thing as OTT at Christmas time in our gaff.
  •  The excuse. Our little charges are actually little sources of some of the most watertight excuses you can find. Don’t want to go to that party? NO PROBLEM, flip the no babysitter card. Running late? NO PROBLEM, last minute nappy changed held me up… I mean 9 times out of 10 these are legitimate reasons, but for all of those times the lack of babysitter or lateness has seriously got my goat, I pay back with the occasional white lie… don’t hate me.


  • Friends. I’ve made some of my very best friends through my children. That immediate understanding between Mumas is a bit like a secret club. We nod and smirk at each other as our kids run around playgroup with their skirts above heads, only stopping to steal a scooter from a minor. Having kids has opened up so many opportunities to make some incredible new friends, and for that I shall be forever grateful.


  • Pride. More and more I am feeling a sense of pride. Especially as Darcie, our 5 yr old, is growing up. When I see her being kind, or cuddling her friends I literally burst. She has never been a huggy sort amongst her girl-click, preferring to stand back and observe. When I see her being affectionate now to her friends it makes my heart leap!


  • Kids days out: Who doesn’t enjoy a fun fair?! Days out, kid style, are pretty awesome. Zoos, farms, theme parks, fun fairs – fire engine open days…. y’know. Day trips rock – even with the tantrums and copious amounts of crud we lug around with us all day.


  • I am their Muma. The person I hope they will always be able to rely on. The person who will always be there for them. Their constants. Us Muma’s are someone’s rock, and that in itself is the No.1 reason why being a Muma is the greatest privilege I’ll ever have.


There we have it, 10 whole reasons why being a Muma rocks – I admit I struggled after the first 4!

Let’s have a few more… leave your “Being a Muma rocks because…” answer below.

I’ll be referring back to this when I am playing the go to sleep Toddler game later. Muma rocks, Muma rocks…


Cuddle Fairy

22 thoughts on “10 reasons why being a Muma rocks

  1. Ah they’re all so true! I was never a fan of Christmas until I had kids, now I make such a big deal about it. I love having family days out too, I love watching them enjoy themselves – happy kiddies happy muma and sll that. Oh and I’m not letting go of my buggy for no one – I dread to think what crisp is lurking in the bottom from everything I have stashed in their over the years! Thanks so much for joining us at #familyfun. Hope you can come back next week xx

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  2. I love being a mum because i just do! Some amazing reasons up there with the best. Cuddles are amazing, first smiles and pure joyful giggles are all the rage in my house! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Being a Muma rocks because….ummm…(sorry…been a loooonnnngggg afternoon), I get to watch The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory again. #coolmumclub

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Being a Muma Rocks because I have a decent reason to not go to work and spend my days meeting friends for coffee and lunch under the guise of ‘playdates’…
    Wicked post lovely – You totally ROCK! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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  5. How could I not pick this one to read when I saw the feature photo hahaha love it!!! Yes all so true. I LOVE the excuses one!! Shh don’t tell anyone. My baby seems to have so many poonamis that make us late otherwise naturally I would be right on time – no early!!! I love the affection too, the kisses and cuddles melt my muma heart. #coolmumclub

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    1. Ah darling you are too kind!!
      A poonami 😂 that’s hilarious. I had to re-read that word a fair few times before I got it.
      That’s brilliant!!
      Big love gorgeous

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  6. Loved reading this! I have been known to scoff a few turkey dinosaurs on occasion – sometimes I even hope the toddler won’t even finish all of her fishfingers and beans so that I can have a pre-dinner snack! Love the excuse cards as well – they come in so bloody useful! Great post x #coolmumclub

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  7. Great post, you can never explain the love to younger single friends but these reasons just set it out 👍 I love the ability you develop to pick out key bits of info from the constant stream of babble that comes out of their mouths!

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