Why I hope I’m raising ‘Brownlee Brothers’

Have you seen the incredible video that is sweeping the internet of the Brownlee Brothers?

Here it is.. just it case it has escaped you:

At the weekend, in Mexico, the world Triathlon Series was taking place. Temperatures soared to 33c, after a 1.5km swim and a 40km cycle under their belt, the 10km run was nearly over. But with just 1.5km to go Jonny Brownlee fell victim to the unbearable conditions, and was seeing his chances of pole position slip away.

In an act of heroic sportsmanship Alister Brownlee, is seen coming to the rescue of his younger brother, Jonny in a way that has led the likes of Gordon Ramsey to tweet that ‘it was a truly inspirational act of sportsmanship’. And it was.

Alistair, already a 2 time triathlete champion saw his brother struggling, looking disorientated and ready to duck out of the race. Instead of speeding past him, he takes his brothers weight and runs part carrying, part dragging him the 1.5km to theย end. So just to clarify, he did this after 20km of swim / cycle / run. Is he super human?! He then stops just short of the finish line before pushing Jonny in front of him, to finish in a triumphant silver medal position. What a total hero! what a sacrifice! Brotherly love at it’s peak.

Who is this Muma that has raised siblings to not only achieve incredible levels of athletic ability but also instil the Family-First values at the same time? I want to shake her by the hand. Muma – I salute you.

It got me wondering, how do we ensure that our children would ‘do a Brownlee’ if the situation should ever present itself? How do we ensure that our own children grow together with a sense of impenetrable comradeship?! They shared a womb, but that doesn’t mean will automatically like or respect each other.

It’s a point I haven’t really given much thought too since becoming a Muma. I seem to be far too wrapped up in our girls as individuals rather than encouraging them as a team. The 2 year old likes to bite the 5 year old. The 5 year old doesn’t want to play with the 2 year old because her ‘play’ is more like ‘steal all precious items’. I think its an age thing, but The Brownlee Brothers have most definitely got me thinking about togetherness.

Here’s to sibling love, and here’s to Muma Brownlee.

Run Jump Scrap!




10 thoughts on “Why I hope I’m raising ‘Brownlee Brothers’

  1. I have wondered the same thing! My siblings and I are all friends, and I don’t think our parents did anything special other than to teach us to treat everyone with respect. I have a friend who has two nearly-grown children (a boy and a girl, 18 & 16 now) who are each other’s best friends. They say that they told them from birth that they were each other’s best friends like that was a fact, so I’m trying that trick with my two boys. And I love your phrase ‘do a Brownlee’ – let’s use it enough to get it accepted as urban slang. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Haha yes let’s get that in the urban dictionary!!
      I think the telling of fact is a great idea, I shall go along with that one and hope it sticks! Thanks for commenting xxx


  2. I welled up with tears again reading this. It’s a real worry of mine that my boys don’t get on. I can’t take my eyes off them for a second without some kind of carry-on starting. Even if it begins in a good-humoured way, it always ends in tears. I’m at a loss as to how to teach them to be kind to each other, and to look out for each other. Maybe I should start the suggestion above of telling them they are best friends rather than that they ‘should be’, although I fear I’ll just get the reply “no we’re not!”. I might start by showing them this video clip! #BestandWorst

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    1. Oh Hun, that sounds really tough. How old are you boys? Perhaps it’s an age thing; my 2&5 yr olds go through waves of getting on or attempting to murder each other depending on their levels of tiredness / sugar / boredom!
      I think the trick of telling them they ARE rather than SHOULD BE might just get the ball rolling though…
      Maybe enrol them in an activity together where they only know each other? Perhaps that would encourage the teamwork ethic! Goodness who know eh? This parenting lark is a minefield.
      Good luck hunipi, sending all the love xxx


      1. Hi, they are 8 & 9 (nearly 10). At the moment we’re tying to find them more activities apart from each other, with the theory that maybe they spend too much time together and get on each others’ nerves, or maybe they’ll miss each other and therefore be nice when they get back together! I like your idea too though. My goodness, I sound like the ‘Muma on the Edge’ right now! Sorry! But thanks for your kind reply xx

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      2. Oh yes that’s another trail of thought, with great foresight but totally opposite to my suggestion: see how confusing parenting can be hahaha!!! There are hundreds of Solitions I’m sure, maybe your Muma friends of similar age boys have got some ideas to share with you… Or perhaps they all feel the same as you. In which case perhaps age is at play, and they will soon become best of friends ๐Ÿ’—. I’m sure things change again as teens, and yet again when they make it to manhood!!! Big love, and if in doubt reach for the Isla Negra!! Xxxx

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  3. It’s incredible, they clearly have an incredible bond and bless him he looked ready to collapse. I loved watching how united they are and such a selfless act. Love the Brownlee brothers!! Loved reading this post, thanks for linking up ๐Ÿ™‚ #bestandworst

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