10 reasons why your child should join an after school club

I’ve linked up with a company called Izully  this week to raise awareness about keeping our kiddliwinks fit, healthy and active. Izully are an online platform where you can search after school clubs in your local neighbourhood, in the London area. Go and check them out if you live in the Capital!

After school clubs along with sports in general are a popular talking point in our house. My husband is a sports obsessive and also runs a tennis club, teaching lots of children for a living. However, our 5 year old is very anti after school activities. The roller disco on a Saturday evening is the only ‘sport’ that she has stuck too. Swimming, gymnastics, tennis, and dancing have all come and gone, money for classes and uniforms have slipped through our fingers.

However, I WILL NOT GIVE UP promoting different sports and clubs to Darcie. I will continue to offer and introduce her to every activity I can think of, and club I find. Because I think it’s important, so important to have the opportunity when you are young to discover another dimension to yourself. School is such a strict machine, curriculum is so tight, there is limited opportunity for our children to really spread their wings. It falls on us, the Mumas n Papas to open their eyes to the world of extra-curricular.

Here are my top 10 reasons why children should join an after school club:

  • Exercise. This is obvious I guess, but I was surprised to read that the recommended daily exercise for a child is an hour a day. Whilst the majority of schools can only manage to fit in 2 hours a week of physical activity.
  • Making friends! You can never have too many friends can you? Widening your child’s circle of friends can only be a positive, mixing with children who share the same interest in that chosen after school club, means finding common ground should be easy!
  • Discover new talents. Did you know your could do the splits? Did you know you could do a cart wheel? Paint an elephant? Sing a song on a stage? You won’t know until you try. Get them to try.
  • Improving a child’s ABC’s: Ability, balance and co-ordination. Never a bad thing.
  • Keeping them occupied for that ratty bit of the day; The part of the day where they are often irritable and whingy. Get them to that club and avoid an hours whinge-a-thon.
  • Release those endorphins. Exercise makes you feel good, it’s a fact.
  • Shake of excess energy. If school wasn’t enough to ware them out, then an hour of rugby or dancing will surely do the trick! Sweet dreams kiddos.
  • Maintaining a good level of fitness will help your child function better on a day to day basis. Keeping alert and ready to learn at school.
  • Another dimension. As a family you could begin to play this sport at the weekends together. It could be the start of a whole new way of life!
  • Achieving badges, grades and certificates. Taking part in recitals, matches and shows, all add to a child’s confidence. You CAN do it, you have done it. A big fat CONGRATULATIONS and a clap will bring the biggest of smiles to our munchkins. And a new found confidence in themselves.


So there you have it, 10 whole reasons to get researching on after school clubs today!Izully have written a great article asking ‘Are you are a pushy parent?’ Do have a read. They raise some really interesting points. (and yes, before you ask, I am guilty of this label!)


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13 thoughts on “10 reasons why your child should join an after school club

  1. Fab post – I encourage my two to do as much as they can/want to after school. Currently they are doing yoga, rugby, art club, lego club, swimming, tennis, gymnastics, piano and guitar between them!! Might sound a lot but they absolutely love it and I love that they are keeping fit and getting opportunities to do stuff that they don’t get during normal school hours. I think it’s particularly important for kids who aren’t ‘academic’ to realise there’s a whole world of stuff out there that they can enjoy and do well in 🙂 Eb x

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    1. Wowser that’s like an encyclopaedia of after school clubs that your kiddliwinks attend! Way to go Muma keeping up with that list…
      Brilliant to see, I hope one day mine will enjoy the same amount!! Xxx


    1. Well rounded kids – that’s what I’m aiming for!! Well, if Darcie would actually pick a club no attend more than 3 sessions, of course! Haha xxxx

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  2. Hey hun, I think I was destined to read this tonight! I’m having a bit of a hatred for after school clubs at the moment, on a purely selfish note. The rushed dinner, the whizzing here and there, the cliquey parents and the toddler wrigging and crying bored on the sidelines. You are SO right though, we do it because it’s a fantastic opportunity for the kiddos. One of my biggest regrets is spending my extra-curricular time in the pub way too soon – I can’t help but wonder how different my teens might have been had I been ‘into’ a sport.
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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    1. Hey gorge!
      It’s so difficult to defund something they actually want to do, on the days that fit with you and at a time that doesn’t make the toddler go bats. Darcie requested that we go and watch her friends in they gymnastics class this evening from the viewing gallery- I was thinking goodie this might mean she wants to go back: bit no, she just wants to go every week and watch them- a whole new take on after school clubs! LOL!! At least it’s free…


  3. Our boys are only ellegible for football after school at the moment. Everything else in the area is not of their interest or not suitable for their age yet. Wonderful post. #brilliantblogposts

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