Child-free zones at 36,000 ft.

We are living in an age where we can run our entire lives from our phone, listen to music via headphones sans wires, and enjoy processco literally on tap in some of our favourite bars.

But until last week we were still living in a world where grown ups doing adulting, grown ups doing parenting and kids doing the kid thing were all mixed up like a badly organised wash pile every time you dare to board a plane.

Well not anymore, not if you travel in India! IndiGo has adopted a ‘quiet zone’ policy which basically means if you are 12 or under you aint getting in.

HURRAH! It’s 2016, but we got there in the end! We have been enjoying air travel for over 80 years, but finally, FINALLY an airline has engaged brain and realised that Little Tarquinn, age 3, doesn’t like to fly. It makes his ears pop and there isn’t room for him to stand on his head while he sings the theme tune to Paw Patrol at levels that only dogs should be able to hear. This makes Tarquinn cry, he dissolved into full blownn Sh*tbag mode. This makes Tarquinn stamp his feet and kick the seat in front. It makes Tarquinn throw his crisps into the lap of the tight lipped passenger next to him -not Muma… she’s swigging Gin on his other side. Tight lipped passenger begins to tut, gradually the tutting turns to the intake of breath followed by loud breathaliser sounding sighs.

Sorry Easy Jet
Mumas no longer need to mutter “I hate my life” or “I’m so sorry” and “send me the dry clean bill” on a flight anymore! Because guess what – the passengers that really minded being sat next to the little Tarquinns of this world have paid a few quid extra to escape this particular endurance test. So long, huffers and puffers. So long, Muma-guilt. IndiGo, I salute you.

It seems it’s not just me that feels this way either. The concept of the Quiet Zones has been praised by both Adulating Adults and Parenting Adults. I asked a few of my fellow bloggers their thoughts on the subject (I was concerned I might be having a very unmumsey moment rejoicing at this idea!). Surprisingly it was almost unanimously positive feedback. There were some suggestions for other zones which I thought might have legs too. Kate Tunstall of Refined Prose suggested an area reserved for inconsiderate adults, after all, it’s not only children that can be irritating! I see where she’s coming from! While Alana Perrin of Baby Holiday did make a good point, and one that will probably have the air stewardesses drawing straws to man bucket class over at IndiGo; Imagine how noisy it will be when all the babies and toddlers kick off, because of their proximity it will be like a chain reaction… Ear defenders for the long suffering parents?! Frankly, the mind boggles. But that still wouldn’t put me off casting a vote for this genius division.

I wonder if IndiGo might be interested in a little ‘idea development’? Children’s entertainment packs? Disney channel on a big screen? Hell, how about a kids entertainer (Mark Warner are you listening?!) And while we are at it, a loo facility which actually allows the task of nappy changing to take place. One last life changer please airlines, could the Mumas have reserved seating in said Quiet Zone for the duration of the flight, along with several large bottles of Processco. Pretty please.

I am sending a plea to UK airlines to adopt this genius and absolutely nessesery Quiet Zone initiative. Please don’t let tourist space travel happen faster than this, the most basic of travel needs. Come on Branson – lead the way!

What are your thoughts? Would you be offended if an airline offered the option of a ‘Quiet Zone’ for 13+? Or would you breathe a sigh of relief?

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9 thoughts on “Child-free zones at 36,000 ft.

  1. Doesn’t really bother me. I’d rather sit with other families to be honest knowing that they will know the pressures of travelling with kids! Let the grumpy tutters sit together, I’m sure they’ll find something else to moan about anyway. #BloggerClubUK

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  2. Love this idea. Hope it comes to the UK. It’s much more upsetting and frustrating for us than the tutting, judging passengers. Kids are kids. I’m sure they had a good old scream once in a while when they were little tots. Everyone is so quick to judge. Let’s jump on this idea Britain! #bestandworst

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  3. he he, surely that is first class? Yes I agree it’s a good idea but the way they manage flights by often overbooking them probably means that this would be impossible for them to implement in their eyes. Maybe they could implement it during the school holidays or something! Thank you for linking up to #familyfun.

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  4. I vaguely remember hearing this story, but alas it is true. As someone who takes her babies (yep two of them) on flights relatively regularly I think its a pretty good idea. I find myself stressing about disturbing others and ruining their flight so in this respect it would take the pressure of a bit and all us noisy ones can be grouped together. Hopefully no adulating adults get stranded in the wrong zone eh. Also YES please, please send the muma up to the prosecco child free zone, even if just for an hour to get us through the rest of the flight. Thanks for sharing this at #FamilyFun xx


  5. I saw this and saw people moaning about it but like you I think it’s a great idea. I’d rather know that we were sat with people who were understanding than with people who are going to judge even though you are trying your best to manage a difficult situation. Xx #bestandworst

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  6. I’m cool with this idea and not sure why so many parents are outraged by it. It’s win win if you ask me; the folks without kids who want a quiet flight can pay for some extra peace and we can feel less worried about our kids acting up because the person next to us chose not to use that option.

    Even though I’m a mother (or because I’m a mother?!) I intentionally sit in the quiet zone on the train to work to avoid noisy children (and loud, obnoxious adults!) as that is my time to be in peace. I say, why not? 🙂 #bestandworst

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