The pressure to make the most of it: Christmas Edition

Well, well. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Here we are once more, the big TV Christmas ads are OUT, Christmas carols from Germany are merrily playing throughout Lidl, and we have the hotly anticipated ‘Soz, your kid’s not Mary, so please bring in a tea-towel and long sleeve tunic, a la Inn-Keeper’ nativity request form.

This is by far my favourite time of year, but it is also a time when I reach peak anxiety level. What if he doesn’t pick me out those Cath Kidston slippers…

It is becoming abundantly clear how this whole Father Christmas belief thing works:

There is a window of about 3, maybe 4 years if we are lucky, where our children both understand who Father Christmas is, before a total arsehole  non-believer takes it upon themselves to spread their poisonous ‘He’s not real’ yarda yarda through Mrs White’s class.

I am in the eye of the magic right now. Our girls are nearly 3 and 5. They are fully committed to the Father Christmas movement. They write* to him almost daily, and have an unwavering belief which is actually infectious. I am absolutely expecting a man in a red suit to come down my chimney (so to speak), baring every gift upon my wish list.

It’s truly magical to see their faces when a festive buzzword is mentioned: Father Christmas, North Pole, Head Elf, Naughty n Nice list (-single best bit, thanks FC), Rudolph’s band of merry reindeer, I could go on…
I don’t want this belief to end, and that panics me because I know it will. I must appreciate this year and make the most of it because it might be the last Christmas that Darcie possesses this unquestioning precious belief.

I want to embrace every tradition I hear of, for the FOMO (fear of missing out) is too much to bear;

The pressure to make the most of it is all consuming.

Take that creepy looking ‘Elf on the sodding Shelf’ for example. Last year I laughed and mocked those parents who tirelessly thought up all sorts of frankly bonkers positions for their Elf to be found in each morning. The X-rated versions took the biscuit and had me in stitches, I confess. But on the whole I just thought, what a load of tosh.

Guess what?  This year we are having an Elf on the Shelf. My panic that I’ll regret doing it for our girls once it’s too late was just too much. So I caved. I’ll be posting wan*y ‘Elf dangling from the ceiling in a bid to rescue Barbie from her arranged marriage to Ken.’ and other must see footage…

More Xmas bangers…

Do we give in and pour flour all over the floorboards to mimic Santa boot prints? What about those Christmas Eve boxes or treats? (Who the F came up with that one.) How do we decide on  The Santa Visit ? Have we made  arrangements for the family to see the kids? Have we got any school holiday trips or treats planned? Hang on, what about Christmas crafting?! It’s a minefield.

Then there’s the gifts.

And this is my plea:

Please parents, don’t be a Festive-Douche.

Please don’t post photos of your Christmas tree groaning with gifts at 9pm Christmas Eve. It’s too frigging late by then for me to nip out to Poundland and purchase more tat to pad ours out with. I don’t want to read that you struggled to get in the lounge door because of all the gifts in the way. I don’t want to see that the Christmas eve boxes went down a storm with homemade PJ’s and personalised hot chocolate mugs. That’s great for you, but please don’t put the panic surges and gut wrenching guilts on the rest of us who didn’t get the jazz hands memo.

That all sounds  a bit harsh doesn’t, self preservation is at work, sorry.

I can’t be the only one who has Inst-Panic and Facebook-fu*k moments over Christmas time can I? Is there anyone else out there sharing these feels?

I guess it all boils down to this, the big question, ‘Am I making the most of it?’

My gorgeous, switched on friend, Ursula, who blogs at Mumbelivable wisely said to me “Pick the traditions you want to do, don’t try and do it all  and don’t compare yourself to others, your kids are lucky that you are their Mummy”.

I’m going to try and remember that.

Right then, I’m just off to stage the family Christmas card, and send off for personalised snowglobes, right before adopting a reindeer for a month… just kidding.

Keep it real Mumas, we got this.

9 thoughts on “The pressure to make the most of it: Christmas Edition

  1. Haha brilliant read! Who the hell came up with those Xmas eve boxes anyway! Did they even exist when we were kids? Er no! Mine is 6 and I’m already hearing stories of some the same age that don’t believe anymore but we are in the same boat as you well and truly waiting that fireplace to open up and father christmas to be stood there with all my Christmas shopping done! If only there really were elves to do it all for us! 😂 now off to make the homemade Christmas presents and ice my Christmas cake! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are brilliant! Always Love your comments.
      We certainly didn’t have any of this Xmas eve shananagans in the 80’s…
      These kids are so spoilt!
      Sending love, and imaginary festive wine! Xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks glad I make you laugh! 😄 we were lucky to get an advent calender with more than just a picture in each window, this year ive bought a flashing one!! 😂 where does it stop! Festive wine gratefully received!xx


  2. Love this, the pressure is always on at Christmas but we’ve taken a different stand on it too. Our little man is 4 and has special needs, he doesn’t know what Christmas is let alone Father Christmas. We’re making our own traditions and our own memories because what works for everyone else just won’t work in our house and I’m not stressing about it any more 🙂 #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. Oh God, I am feeling the pressure too! I had a panic about those stupid Christmas Eve boxes the other day and then I thought, hang on a minute…we don’t actually have to do every single bloody thing you see on Facebook. So I’m not. I’m done with the presents, and I’m just going to enjoy spending Christmas with my family. My 2 year old is just so in awe of everything anyway, the look on her face Christmas morning is all I need! #TwinklyTuesday

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your friend’s advice is spot-on. Your family traditions will be just as special to your children as other people’s and comparison generally only makes people feel worse about themselves anyway. It is lovely when they still have the magic of believing in Father Christmas – I’m aware now that the point at which someone pops the bubble isn’t all that far away and so we’ll be making the most of it while we can. #twinklytuesday


  5. Oh yes…those Christmas eve boxes…when did that all start? It’s just another bloody expense! The pressure is definitely there – I mean I just saw someone put up some photos of their family christmas photoshoot and now I feel guilty for never having done that!! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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