#MumaWin No.1

Welcome to my new weekly series (actually it’s not just new, it’s my FIRST ever series..! I’m feeling a little bit commitment phobe about the whole thing to be honest). I felt it was about time we showed parenting who’s boss: and started to shout about how we nailed the hardest job on earth each week. This is entirely new territory for me, finding faults is much easier and far more plentiful in my day to day life!

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, it’s Mum V Kids, and for the most part they are scoring all of the points. Well, the tables are going to turn: I shall be seeking out a #MumaWin each week. A glorious moment where I reign supreme over my kids who seem to be sponsored by Duracell.

I am constantly chasing my tail and seem to always arrive in the wake of disaster just seconds short of foiling the shitstorm, despite the girls being surgically attached to my hip. How does that work?!

Muttering “{BIG SWEAR}, another parenting fail” under my breath is a constant. It does seem to be my daily chant actually. How did ย Vicks become smeared all over the carpet? And in which millisecond that my back was turned did ToddlerMonster manage to go nuclear, thanks to a slight glow stick mayday… in her mouth?

I don’t want the corner stone of my week to be blighted by organic-less food guilt, and loosing my shit in the playground in front of ‘Sorted Muma’ because I am decidedly Unsorted.

So here we have it: #MumaWins is born.

Every week I’ll share mine if you share yours… leave your Mum Boss #MumaWins in the comments or on the facebook Instagram or Twitter thread. I need your inspiration, let’s show these tinkers that Mumas got it all goin’ on.

To the end of Parenting Fails!!


I’ll keep this as brief as I can:

I’ll be honest, I want to tell you about how I managed to clean out ALL of my kitchen cupboards at a rate of 1 a night last week. Now this might not sound that exciting, but to me this is proper Muma Porn. My cupboards are now neat little pintrest worthy joys.

But I felt that if I named this as my #MumaWin then I would have to also confess that this resulted in 10 bin bags full of out of date food (FYI flour has a use by date?! Who knew!), some by 2 years, which leads to further embarrassment as our new kitchen is only a year old. Yes: I moved and stored out of date food, and then put it back into my brand new shiny kitchen!! There was also the little issue of unearthing the sweet potato which had taken on a more hummus like consistency at the bottom of my ‘anything goes’ cupboard.

Some of those bin bags were full of plastic sippy cups with no lids, and lids with no sippy cups. Tuppleware bottoms and Tuppleware tops, but not pairs. Rusty baking trays, which are health hazards. Which leads me on nicely to confess that I’m pretty sure the food standards bods would shut me down. Never again will I turn my nose up at those eateries with just 1* on their hygiene certificates. For that is 1* more than I would have been awarded…

So my first #MumaWin goes to my beautifully clean – even bleached kitchen cupboards. No more out of date roulette for us, no more ducking out of the way each time the cupboard of plastic doom is opened. Oh no. This is a #MumaWin and a half, not least because I did it with the assistance of my 2 & 5 year olds! (Please don’t report me for child labour- they thought it was fun! Honest…)

So it’s over to you – what’s your #MumaWin of the week?

Life Love and Dirty Dishes

13 thoughts on “#MumaWin No.1

  1. You are most definitely winning at life! My cupboards are so desperate for a good clear out. I’m now feeling inspired though and might see if I can enrol my little “helpers” in some adventures of the cupboard variety? Reading use by dates is like maths isn’t it? Excellent parenting win! Love this series hon. So nice to share the successes! xx

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  2. Oooh, whats sad is I am loving this idea and just might give it a go. That said our kitchen is only 18 months old so should be in OK ish shape. Maybe I’ll do one clothes drawer at a time! That would be a total win!
    My #Mumawin of today is watching Corrie whilst eating my lunch, child free. Can’t remember the last time I watched something of MY liking in daylight hours!
    All hail the #Mumawin
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub and still being my friend #NanGate

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    1. Pahahaha!! #NanGate : I’m so not going to let you forget that.
      Your Muma win sounds sensational. I had a moment like that yesterday- silent witness double bill. I felt so guilty but oh sooooo good!! Xxx


  3. I’m so with you on the kitchen cupboards. My youngest started playgroup this week, and I choose to spend my free hours clearing out the kitchen cupboards. It was brilliant! 6 bin bags of crap gone! Only now I keep yelling at my husband because “It doesn’t go there any more” and I am now the only one who knows where anything goes! It is really tidy though! Dinning room next week. I need to get a life! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

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  4. Definitely a win! Stuff just gets piled in front of those kitchen cupboards and you don’t even know what’s back there. I keep thinking that once every couple of months I should have a weekend where I don’t go to the grocery store; I just cook with whatever I can find in the cupboards!

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