Why we all need to calm down about THAT Taylor Swift impersonation.

Would you let your 7 year old child do this?



Xia Vigor gave it her all in the hit Phillipino TV show ‘Your face sounds familiar KIDS’. She has single handedly sent social media, Piers Morgan and those Looose Women into melt down today as this video goes viral.

What I want to know is why on earth is everyone so shocked? Can we all calm down and take a deep breath.

We are living in a world where our children are getting older from a much younger age. Thanks to the abundance of social media, celebrities are more accessible, with some like Taylor Swift having huge followings of primary aged kids. My kids are a little too familiar with you tube. They love watching music and dancing, as well as far eastern women opening kinder eggs… They like that a lot.  The world is at their finger tips, and trying to ‘protect’ them from that is virtually impossible. Surely curbing their enthusiasm is all we can do?

Would allow one of my girls  to perform like this, aged 7?

The answer is yes, I probably would allow it. But that’s not to say I would out and out encourage it.

The reason for this is because to ban make up, to ban certain dance moves and to ban sparkly costumes would be entirely hypocritical. Whilst I appreciate that there has to be a line and crossing it would put a child in a potentially vulnerable position, I don’t see the issue with a little girl essentially mimicking her idol in this controlled environment. This isn’t a little girl performing in an entirely inappropriate venue like a club or in a situation which would put her in danger. This is a child who clearly loves performing, and is giving it her Taylor Swift best. On a stage. With proper adult supervision.

Xia Vigor is having the time of her life. And why shouldn’t she? How many little girls dress up and dance around their living rooms, dreaming of a big stage to perform on? Probably a large proportion, if my small window of experience around 6 year old’s is anything to go by!

My daughter loves to wear make up. She watches me bodge my eye liner on a daily basis. She questions which brushes are for what. She is genuinely interested to find out and to experiment with my make up. To save my Bare Minerals collection, I trotted off to Claire’s to buy her a more suitable kit. It’s her pride and joy, to Darcie she is mimicking me (please note I am not, however, her idol!). We have a rule that it’s only for the weekend, but I do let her wear it out of the house. It’s not like she has mastered the art of contouring or perfected a smokey eye, so it’s really not noticeable if at all (don’t tell her that!). But to Darcie she loves that she can add this to her weekend uniform of black leggings and black leggings.

If you have ever been to watch a children’s dance show you will know that the make up flows. Those backstage ninjas don’t hold back. We had our first experience of Darcie being in a dance show last year. She was plastered in make up, and wore a cute costume. It was in no way a sexual performance, it was just adorable 4 year old’s dancing their tap shoes off.

I think performance is a great way to grow a child’s confidence and for them to learn new skills. The Xia Vigors Taylor Swift impersonation, if watched with the right frame of mind, is adorable. It’s only when we add an adult spin on things that the waters get murky and the tutters get their pointing sticks out, ready to tell the world how little girls should act.

At the end of the day it’s all down to individual choice. No I wouldn’t trowel make up onto my little girls and teach them how to twerk. But if they managed to figure it all out by themselves, then I would have to give them credit for that.

What do you think? Would you let your child perform like this? Do you allow your child to experiment with make up? I’m genuinely intrigued to have other parents opinions on this one. Leave a comment and let me know!

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One thought on “Why we all need to calm down about THAT Taylor Swift impersonation.

  1. I think sometimes the issue or argument is more about who else is watching the little girl perform with perhaps less of an innocent motive. They tell us predators look for different things and are very savvy about finding images, videos and even the actual child and using them in a way you would never have wanted.


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