Muma Win No.2: The Rise of the #MumBoss

If you had told me when I was knee deep in the latest baby poo explosion and still with that mornings milk reflux result on my shoulder, that in 4 years time I would have had my waffle featured regularly by the likes of Mumsnet, Selfish Mother and The Huffington Post, I would have probably poured you a stiff drink and suggested a doctors visit first thing. 

Back then I didn’t dare to dream beyond the end of the day when I hoped I would be able to watch Ian Beale having a pint in the Queen Vic, in peace. Back then that was my #MumaWin. There was nothing wrong with that, it was all about survival for me as a new mother- the Baby’s as much as my own. I had no real idea of what I was doing and the sleep deprivation along with the chronic reflux was turning into a lethal combination.

I had decided not to return to my job in recruitment, I loved sales – believe me I did. But it wasn’t a career I had spent thousands of pounds training for, and I wasn’t so passionate about it that I couldn’t bare to not ever see my telephone statistics again! So, what with childcare being so crushingly expensive together with my lack of desire to actually return to work – I chose not to. Playgroups it was.

What I hadn’t anticipated was that ‘just being mum’ was arming me with a skill set and a resilience which would give even the hardiest Marine a run for their money. 

After the birth of our second daughter my Mummy friends all began returning to work. Of course it seemed like EVERYONE was once again finding their feet. I didn’t have a career to return too and that sinking feeling I experienced all too much during my teens returned. What do I want to do with my life? This can’t just be it! I’ve been to university for goodness sake!

So I started a blog. For the first 7 months I only wrote a handful of posts. My only readers were pretty much my Mum and her best friend! I have the technological ability of a gnat, and live by the switch it on and off remedy. I was determined that this teeny tiny set back, along with my dyslexia was not going to stand in my way! I was only slightly disheartened when my first post didn’t go viral a la Unmumsy.

Blogging propelled me into a world filled with talented, clever and forthright women all etching out a little bit of the digital world for themselves. These Muma’s were not about to let that label alone define them. Being a Mother equips us with valuable and unique capabilities which are an asset to the workplace. However the ‘Workplace’ doesn’t lend itself well to the life of a mother. It is simply not feasible for the majority of Mums to work in the traditional way. The #flexappeal movement fiercely introduced by the incredibly inspiring Anna of @Mother_Pukka fame is a real eye opener. Promoting the need for employers to adopt a more flexible way of working for parents. Why has it taken so long for this to be a thing?! The #MumBoss is born, do we dare to dream?

Could it be possible that we are approaching an era where it really is possible for us Mums to have it all? 

I’m going to confess, I am no longer satisfied with solely being known as Muma. Don’t get me wrong, the school run in the rain and the daily ‘I’m not eating that’ dinner time arguments are a huge pull… But I am daring to dream big, and daring to have just a little more out of life. Since I have started my blog, I have finally discovered what I want to be when I’m older. It’s embarrassingly late in the day to be realising this, I know. If only I had had this epiphany at age 18, my life might have turned out completely differently. (Visions of The Devil Wears Prada boss fly around my head!!) If I think about it though, I think my dreams are a result of becoming  a parent. I had to do that first. That’s just the way the world wanted me to do things. Let’s face it, we change so much after having our kids that this late realisation shouldn’t really be a huge surprise.

I’m going to approach my pie-in-the-sky aspirations with my ‘Mum’ label front and centre. For this label is my biggest asset, and not my biggest hindrance.

To be a columnist; That is my dream. There. I said it. (Now stop laughing at this small-fry dyslexic blogger!). When I utter this dream out loud it does sound ludicrous. Honestly, I am well aware. But then I remember that somehow Donald Trump is president of the United States and ludicrous was a phenomena that we are all getting slowly used to. But I’m a firm believer in determination and hard work. If you can learn to believe in yourself, you will be a force to be reckoned with.

My #MumaWin this week was having one of my posts published on The Huffington Post. This has been a dream of mine since I started blogging a year and a half ago. I have had the login for a while but I’ve been too scared to send anything over to this big deal of a publication until last week. There is was: MY name actually next to the infamous logo, and MY scribble actually on their website! I know this is a regular occurrence to so many bloggers. There are even some bloggers out there who refuse to submit their content to HP because of the lack of ‘what’s in it for them’ in way of payment or back links. But to me this was such a huge achievement having always struggled with English. I even teared up.

It’s a little boost in the right direction. It’s a baby step closer. It’s encouragement and recognition that something I have written was worth their worldwide audience for all of 2 hours! I’m going to dare to dream, because…shouldn’t we all?

I’m no longer ‘just a mum’, I’m a bloody writer!

An absolute #MumaWin to treasure.

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13 thoughts on “Muma Win No.2: The Rise of the #MumBoss

  1. There’s so much passion and wit in your writing. I love that you write and I love more that you know what you want. Now go get it! You deserve every success. You’ll always have a champion in me. So much love xxx


  2. I love love love this!
    So inspiring and I have no doubt you can achieve anything you want to.
    Really really spoke to me when you talked about how you had wished you’d found your passion earlier but feel this is the right way round.
    I know for me before I had kids I would never have the balls to put myself out there like I do now. Life is a funny thing the way it plays out and anything really is possible.
    I’m rooting for you doll xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a lovely thing to say! Thank you so much.
      I was probably too drunk and delirious to have had any real idea of what I wanted to do pre-kids…. Such is life!!
      My girls have been the making of me for sure- as much as I enjoy poking fun at them on the daily!!
      Big love gorge, and thanks for stopping by xxx


  3. Aww seriously well done lovely! You have to have dreams – that makes life for you more exciting and you are nudging your way there so so well! I wish you every success my lovely, I really do xx #BloggerClubUK


  4. A fantastic post – and a great achievement to have your writing posted in The Huffington Post! I’m sure you’ll achieve all your ambitions as a writer – your writing makes for such great reading and is an inspiration to others (including me).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a really lovely thing to say!! Thank you so much- hard work and determination hard work and determination….!! Xxx


  5. I am so very chuffed for you and you absolutely deserve to have your name up there next to that Huff logo! You also deserve to have your name next to any logo that you choose and so I am right here behind you shaking my pom poms and quite possibly attempting a cartwheel (it ain’t pretty!) to cheer you on! Big #bloglove xx


  6. I feel strangely proud to see someone I kinda think of as my friend up there on the huffington post! Dead chuffed for you my lovely, and so well deserved. You are already a fantastic writer and you have earnt that spot. The best is yet to come – don’t forget us when you’re big and famous!

    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub xx

    Oooh PS I never realised you had to submit stuff to get on the HP? I thought they called you?!!


  7. Yes it’s true re the backlinks and lack of anything substantial from it but getting onto the HuffPost IS a huge thing at first and I remember beaming seeing my name next to the logo. (Although it’s not as big as Ariana Huffington herself sending my hubby a birthday video message…damn him upstaging me lol.) I just love how you’ve written this. And thank you SO much for crystallising something I’d failed to put into words myself re the ‘when I grow up, I want to be’ bit…you’re so right…maybe we need to become mums first in order to realise what our dreams are. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Prabs, thanks so much fro dropping by and having a read!
      Your husband is pretty rock n roll having air time with Ms Huff! Total killer right there! Amazing…
      Big love xxx


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