Daily Mail: Shame On You

I have just read this horrendous article in full. I’m sharing it purely because this poison has to be seen to be believed. 

Why ARE so many women boasting they’re slummy mummies

The Daily Mail has sensationally transporting us back today, to a time when women didn’t have a vote, or a place in the workforce, or even a voice in society. Women stayed at home, cooked, cleaned and brought up the kids- and were grateful. No doubt these women had a few choice words to say about their lot- behind closed doors of course.

Fast forward to a time when women have it all going on. Not only have we retained our reproductive organs as the centuries have careered past, but we now have educations. Educations that are just as good as the boys. We have jobs which are just as pressured as the boys. And we have ambition, you guessed it, just as much as the boys. 

Throw in parenting to this highly pressurised mix and it’s often mission impossible. 

Until the rise of the raw and honest voices of Sarah from The Unmumsy Mum and Katie Kirby from Hurrah for Gin have begun to break through, the realities of parenting in today’s society was for whispered conversations between best ‘mummy friends’, and certainly not for discussion on a public stage. 

How dare a mother not relish changing stinking nappy after stinking nappy, on a child that refuses to just lay like Resus Annie. 

More to the point, imagine admiting that. 

Surely this shouldn’t be a shock? It’s a no brainier isn’t it? Aspects of parenting are plain sh*t. Literally. 

So why for the love of God is the Daily Mail brandishing these Brave Mumas as ARROGANT for their brutal honesty? 

Labelling them ‘Arrogant’ is spreading hate. Plain and simple. Causing a devide (just read the articles comments- although you’ll need a strong stomach!) amongst women, all doing what is widely accepted as The Hardest Job In The World. 

Counting down until Gin o’clock, or in my case Sav Blanc o’clock does not a neglectful mother make you. Looking after my girls has often left me feeling totally useless and unable to cope, as they seemingly run rings around me. And just like in the days before kids, after a hard day at the office I would often count down to wine o’clock. 

I struggle to see the difference. 

Actually I have been known to just count down to the time when I can pee on my own, and not have to put together a kinder toy mid wipe. 

I’m sure Mother Earth types exist, but for every one of them there are handfuls more of us. 

I clearly remember the first time I discovered a post written by Sarah- Unmumsy mum. I sat gobsmacked as I read that she took her boys to a restaurant and it ended just like our own trips to restaurants at the time of having a 1 and 3 year old: utter carnage. 

The feeling of solidarity I have from the responses to my own blog posts documenting the funnies and struggles that come with this job have lifted me from frequent despair! The community of support that bloggers are creating should be hailed at the very least as inspirational and quite possibly is changing the tide of thought for the modern day Muma. 

Most of us are exhausted. 

Many of us juggle going out to work, and coming home to more work. 

We are just beginning to normalise not being ok. And that is in part thanks to brave, honest and often , hilarious Blog-Mumas spreading the word. 

Anna May Mangan of the Daily Mail, you have a lot to answer for, stamping all over the sisterhood and dragging mindsets back decades.

Shame on you. 


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I am a Muma to 2 little girls, aged 5 & 2. We are seaside dwellers, and I 'only work inside the house' according to my eldest. I love to share the funny side of parenting as well as boldly going where no right minded parents of toddlers would go: to restaurants. Seeking out the most child friendly joints and passing on my findings to all of you to enjoy! I'm basically blogging my way back to sanity!

12 thoughts on “Daily Mail: Shame On You

  1. Hear hear! I read this this morning in absolute shock. She calls us arrogant but has she heard herself – ‘stayed sober long enough to play, bake and paint with my children’. What a load of sanctimonious, holier-than-thou rubbish!

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  2. Thank you thank you for writing what we are all thinking!!! Not even going to read the article as I don’t want cookies on my phone to associate me with the Daily Mail! Keep writing these types of posts and we will all support each other!!!


  3. Not the worst thing the Mail have done (see Brexit among MANY other things) but it’s their typical anti-women, anti-humour, judgemental bullshit. The fish fingers in the headline (which isn’t even mentioned in the copy) is a reference to a photo which was a joke! Good parents aren’t allowed to make people laugh or have a sense of humour – back to the 50s we go!

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  4. Completely agree.

    We work extremely hard every. single. day. There is literally 30 minutes of time for ourselves at the end of the day and if we want to spend that time having a glass of wine then so be it. We fucking deserve that wine (or gin)! We are finally allowed to be ourselves and the Daily Mail puts us down, not cool.

    I have to say, not a smart move of Mail Online as most of their audience is females with children. #boycottMailOnline

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  5. I woke up to this yesterday. It’s awful, isn’t it? Like they’re saying we’re not allowed, to be honest. We have to be Stepford wives, at least in public! #familyfun

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  6. I totally agree with everything you have said. I have seen the hype but have yet to read the article – though I am in two minds about whether to or not. Everything that comes from that “newspaper” is bullshit so I really don’t think I’ll bother reading it; it will just piss me off. Haha. Us mamas have to stick together and not give a shit about what narrow minded idiots think!! Bring on the fish fingers and gin!!! #familyfun

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  7. I have to admit that I’ve not read the article, as I don’t want to give them the traffic they’re so clearly after with this. But just a few months ago they were writing articles which talked about how great both The Unmumsy Mum and Hurrah for Gin were – which is it?! I love both of those bloggers for their honesty – it’s refreshing to see your own thoughts echoed and know that you’re not alone. Motherhood is so tough, and we should be supporting each other, not bringing each other down. #FamilyFun

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  8. Not read the article and don’t plan too either. I’ve seen the backlash all over Facebook and it’s just not fair. Every parent has their own story and yay for those that share them online whatever the circumstances!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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  9. I haven’t read the article, and have zero plans to. I didn’t want to give her or the mail to page views. I got the gist though and I totally agree, shame on her. Like you say, these blogger have got me through some tricky times and encouraging people not to speak up about the hard times is dangerous. Absolutely horrendous message and article. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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