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About Me

mumaontheedge@gmail.com 07833909826 

The lo-down…


  • Columnist for ‘The Seaford Scene’, a local monthly publication. (Currently only a print publication)



  • Journalist: NTCJ Student with Brighton Journalist Works Sept 2017 to qualify July 2018. 


In my mind I still love wearing heels, dancing until dawn, drinking cosmopolitans, using tiny handbags with just enough room for my phone and credit card, whilst having a packed social diary. The reality has taken a slight nose dive since pro-creating.

My diary is still packed – just not with late night shopping and boozy dinners. My handbag now resembles an over-nighter, which if used on a night out might look presumptuous… And as for my heel wearing days, well lets just say co-coordinating a buggy, 2 scooters, the over nighter and a Cavapoo. along with 2 fiery lil girls in tow would be a challenge for the Generation Game.

I try to see the funny side of parenting; along the lines of, if I don’t laugh I’ll cry (which does tend to happen quite a lot).

I’m slowly blogging my way back to sanity.

Work with Me

I am available for all things hospitality:

Restaurants, days out and holidays.

Time and money are so precious, to waste it on a terrible day out or in a non-child friendly restaurant, or worse, a disaster holiday, would be criminal.

We want to review the most child friendly eateries and days out, and shout about them from the roof tops. Or at the very least, my blog and social media pages!

The Nitty Gritty: Stats

Please do get in touch to discuss a collaboration! 



East Sussex based



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