Surely it’s time for Elective C-Sections to be taken seriously?

When I read about Frances Cappuccini tragically dying just 8 hours after giving birth to her 2nd son, I felt an overwhelming sadness, but then the anger set in…

I guess sadness is a natural reaction to have when you can relate on a mother-to-mother level. I am also a mother of 2, and the thought of my little girls growing up without me around is unimaginable. But the anger came as I read that here was a young mother who had chosen to have a C-section following a difficult 1st birth.  Only to be poo-pooed by Midwives when it counted the most. I can relate to this. And it makes my blood boil.


Frances Cappuccini had chosen to have a c-section with her 2nd baby following a difficult birth the first time around. Having seen consultants and gone through the correct C-section channels, she then went into labour just 2 days before her scheduled section. 

The midwives at the hospital were told that she wanted a c-section when she arrived at the hospital in labour. Their reaction was to smirk and tell her  that pain and fear were no reason to avoid a natural birth. 

12 hours later labour hadn’t progressed so an emergency c-section followed. The surgeon failed to remove the placenta which lead to Frances bleeding so much she had a cardiac arrest and so very tragically died just 8 hours after the birth of her son. 

Frances’ lawyers are arguing that had her C-section wishes been listened too, things would most likely have ended very differently. 

The inquest continues.

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When I was having my 2nd baby I was subject to a matron style midwife. She told me that my decision to have a 2nd c-section directly increased my mortality rate and pointed out the stats on how I was more likely to die. Not exactly what an expectant mother wants to hear!

‘Risks and Benefits’ – that’s what the NHS guidelines claim their staff will outline to expectant mums who are seeking more information on having a Cesarean Section. Maybe the NHS only had the budget to explain the risks. Sadly this midwife was so pushy that she made me feel that I had no option but opt for a V-Bac, against my better judgement.

After gearing myself up as much as I could for a natural birth I ended up having a c-section. The midwife hadn’t known better. She had smirked at me as I had winced at her statistics and frankly scare-tactics. There was an injustice here, my voice hadn’t been heard, despite the fact that women have the choice to decide how they give birth in this country. The attitudes of some midwives don’t seem to reflect this supposed free-choice at all.

When are c-sections going to be a more acceptable choice? Women are being cheated out of the right to choose how they give birth and this is a huge injustice. I loved my c-sections, truly I did.  I wrote this response after hearing so many stories from frightened women thanks to Count Midwives, regarding the prospect of having a cesarean: Pipe Down C-section Haters

I wonder if an elective c-section will ever be given the same gravitas by medical staff as a natural birth? All the time there are midwives like this darkening the doors of the maternity ward it is sadly very unlikely. How many women need to go through bad experiences before the mindset behind the advice changes?

My deepest sympathies go to Frances Cappuccini’s family, especially her little boys. How differently it might have been.