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  1. Hi
    Like you I couldn’t read as a child and was faced with a son who struggled. I did little to help him but subsequently trained as a teacher and psychotherapist and now spend my life trying to help parents who struggle.

    You may be interested in my website, set up to help in any way I can. My book and resources are freely available for download and I am blogging lots on the subject of why children can’t read.

    I hope you might find at least one thing to help.

    Here’s an example. When you daughter asks you to spell a word, ask HER what she hears. Good practice for both of you!

    You might also be interested in why you write words down (so do I). You are using ‘recognition’ to work out if it looks right. That’s easier than remembering the word. I have found also, that I can’t picture words in my head, as others tell me they do for spelling.

    Good luck helping your daughter but don’t feel alone – there are loads of us out here. Always pleased to hear if I can help

    Maggie Tanner

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