Hall of fame

I spend a lot of time adding photos and slogan pics / Memes to the likes of Instagram  and Facebook . If you haven’t already hit the like or follow buttons then I am going to shamelessly put my most polite voice on and with a pretty please ask you spare us a little loving- links just above…

It’s fair to say I’m pretty addicted actually to social media. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few viral situations which reached nearly 2 million people – all from my very humble 300 likes which has quickly grown to 3000+!  Very exciting, and great to have a bit of a community going over on my page.

Anyway I just thought it might be fun to share the piccys I add to social media along with some newbies and send out the link every so often so you can see what’s been going on in the crazy world of Muma on the Edge.

Here are a few to get started…

(Don’t eat crackers in bed: my face says it all- Sand.pit)

Life Love and Dirty Dishes

10 thoughts on “Hall of fame

  1. Ha ha, excellent pics. I can definitely relate to them being hard to love at times, especially when they get hold of a pen!
    #FridayFrolics #Coolmumclub

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