Do you need to Sterilise baby cutlery?

Does baby cutlery need Sterilising?

A baby less than six months old should have all feeding equipment sterilised. After six months of age baby bowls and spoons should be clean but do not need to be sterilised, however feeding bottles and teats should be sterilised for as long as they are used.

Can you sterilize baby spoons?

The silicone baby spoon can be easily boiled in water for 5 minutes or easily cleaned by a sterilizer.

When can babies drink tap water?

For babies under 6 months, you should not use water straight from the mains tap in the kitchen as it is not sterile. You will need to boil the tap water first and then let it cool down. Water for babies over 6 months doesn’t need to be boiled.

Do I need to sterilise dummies after 6 months?

Keeping the dummy clean

Never put a dummy in your mouth (to ‘clean’ it) and never put any food or other substance (such as honey) on a dummy. From about 6 months, your child will be more resistant to infections. This means you need only to wash the dummy with soap and water, rather than sterilising it.

Do you need to dry bottles after Sterilising?

There’s no need to dry the equipment. Store equipment in one of the following ways: in a clean, sealed container in the fridge, or in the solution. If you store equipment in the fridge, use it within 24 hours of sterilisation.

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How do you sanitize a baby bottle?

Sterilizing Baby’s Bottles With Bleach

  1. In a clean wash basin, combine 1-2 teaspoons of unscented bleach with 16 cups of water.
  2. Take apart the bottles.
  3. Submerge all parts of the bottles completely. …
  4. Soak the bottles and parts for 2-5 minutes.
  5. Remove the bottle parts with tongs. …
  6. Let the bottles air dry on a clean towel.

Can you sterilise Munchkin spoons?

Always check food temperature before feeding. Before first use, clean the product. Do not boil or steam sterilise.

How do you sterilize a steel feeding bottle?

We strongly recomrnend to wash each and every component of the Feeding Bottle with soapy water before assembling the same. 3. Sterilize Nipple & Juicer i.e. to put them into the pan of boiling water and keep it for 5 minutes. Remove them once the water comes to room temperature.

Can silver utensils sterilize?

To clean silver utensils, you can wash them with your regular dish wash liquid and warm water. There is no need to sterilize them each time.