Does Parent’s Choice wipes have alcohol in them?

Alcohol Free.

What are parents choice wipes made of?

They’re made with 99% pharmaceutical-grade purified water and plant-based ingredients, then pass through four levels of filtering and treatment. The result? An ultra-pure wipe that parents can trust to be safe and gentle on sensitive skin – at a great value.

Are wet wipes alcohol free?

Wet-wipes or natural wipes are the regular, non-alcohol wipes available for purchase at the personal care section at a supermarket. Skin cleansing wipes and make-up wipes also fall into this category. Natural wipes contain a small amount of detergent and other cleansing agents suitable for use on skin.

Do parents choice wipes have phenoxyethanol?

The ingredients of these wipes are okay, but they do have both phenoxyethanol and potassium sorbate as preservatives. The rest of the ingredients are fine, and the wipe itself is made from chlorine-free viscose and polyester—we’d prefer better materials.

Are Parents Choice baby wipes good?

These baby wipes are the best, they’re strong but not harsh, unscented and not too “wet”. 700 wipes for 8-12 dollars and the wipes work great, can’t get much better!

What are alcohol wipes used for?

Each wipe contains 70-percent rubbing alcohol to to disinfect minor cuts and scrapes. They can also help to relieve minor muscle aches and pains. Before using the wipes, be sure to clean any affected areas.

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Do wet wipes contain alcohol?

Wet Ones do not contain alcohol.

Are Cloud Island wipes being discontinued?

Are Cloud Island wipes discontinued? Target discontinued Cloud Island wipes in April 2021, and replaced them with the brand Millie Moon.

Are baby wipes toxic if ingested?

Baby wipes

There are typically chemicals in the wipes that are very harmful if ingested, and they also break into pieces fairly easily, posing a choking hazard. For these reasons, it’s necessary to keep the wipes out of baby’s reach at all times.

Who owns Parent’s Choice?

Parent’s Choice is Walmart’s store brand; including diapers, formula, and accessories. Like other Walmart store brands, its design and packaging was relaunched in 2010. Parent’s Choice is manufactured by Wyeth (a pharmaceutical company).