How can I track my baby’s development?

What is the best app for baby development?

The Best Parenting Apps of 2020

  • Baby Connect.
  • Baby Nursing.
  • Cozi.
  • Winnie.
  • Kinedu.
  • AppClose.
  • Parent Cue.
  • Speech Blubs.

What age should babies be tracking?

Accordingly, current research suggests that object tracking develops rapidly between two and six months of age. By seven months, infants are generally tracking objects with their eyes rather impressively but will not reach adult levels until well into childhood.

Is there an app for baby milestones?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a free app called the Milestone Tracker.

Can both parents use baby tracker?

The Baby Manager app for Android and iOS is a comprehensive tool that not only allows you to track all of your feeding data, it also offers the option to share data with your partner in as little as four seconds. This helpful feature lets both parents stay involved in the feeding schedule.

Why does my baby not look at me?

“Infants and toddlers not making eye contact could indicate an issue with eye or brain development,” said Dr. Kulich. “A regression of eye contact is an indication to parents that they need an evaluation from their doctor.

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How do you know if your baby has eye problems?

Here are some other signs that a baby has vision problems:

  • Their eyes move quickly from side to side (nystagmus), jerk or wander randomly.
  • Their eyes don’t follow your face or an object.
  • They don’t seem to make eye contact with family and friends.
  • Their eyes don’t react to bright light being turned on in the room.

What is the best co parenting app?

5 Best Co-parenting Apps

  1. Our Family Wizard. Created by a divorced couple, the OurFamilyWizard platform promotes harmonious communication between co-parents. …
  2. Coparently. The one-stop-shop app Coparently offers all the tools one would need to make co-parenting easier. …
  3. Cozi. …
  4. 2Houses. …
  5. Google Calendar.

What can babies see app?

An educational iPhone/iPad app that’s free from the iTunes Store, BabySee lets you point your camera at any scene (selfies included) and see it through your baby’s eyes. Enter her birth date, and then just move the little slider to get a baby’s eye view at birth through 12 months.