Question: Is it common for babies to be anemic?

Most babies have some anemia in the first few months of life. This is known as physiologic anemia. The reason this anemia occurs is that baby’s body is growing fast and it takes time for red blood cell production to catch up. The body breaks down red blood cells too quickly.

How can you tell if a baby is anemic?

What are the symptoms of iron-deficiency anemia in a child?

  1. Pale skin.
  2. Irritability or fussiness.
  3. Lack of energy or tiring easily (fatigue)
  4. Fast heart beat.
  5. Sore or swollen tongue.
  6. Enlarged spleen.
  7. Wanting to eat odd substances, such as dirt or ice (also called pica)

Is low iron in babies common?

Iron deficiency in children is a common problem. It can occur at many levels, from a mild deficiency all the way to iron deficiency anemia — a condition in which blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells. Untreated iron deficiency can affect a child’s growth and development.

Can a baby be Anaemic?

If your baby develops rhesus disease while still in the womb, they may become anaemic because their red blood cells are being destroyed faster than usual by the antibodies. If your baby is anaemic, their blood will be thinner and flow at a faster rate.

What percentage of babies are anemic?

In the U.S., 5 percent of toddlers between the ages of 12-36 months have anemia, and iron deficiency is the cause of anemia in 40 percent of those children.

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What happens if your baby is anemic?

Anemia is a condition in which the amount of red blood cells in the body is decreased below normal for your child’s age. It can make your child appear pale in color and feel cranky, tired, or weak.

How can I raise my child’s iron level?

Include lean red meat three to four times a week. Offer meat alternatives such as dried beans, lentils, chickpeas, canned beans, poultry, fish, eggs and small amounts of nuts and nut pastes. These are important sources of iron in your child’s daily diet.