You asked: What does baby Alexander do?

Baby Alexander is just like a real baby! He can drink real water, cry tears and be rocked to sleep! He will even suck his dummy!

How does Baby Annabell cry real tears?

Baby Annabell® cries real tears! Rock her in your arms, and she will sigh and yawn or cry once. If she cries, calm her by stroking her cheek. … You can also wake her by giving her the pacifier, and she will cry.

What’s the difference between Baby Annabell and Baby Alexander?

Baby Annabell Alexander is the male version of Baby Annabell although other than eye colour I think the actual dolls are the same, but they have different colour clothes and accessories (blue or pink). The 43cm interactive dolls react to touch and movement to make play time more responsive and fun.

Are Baby Born and Baby Annabell the same size?

The outfits measuring 28-33 cm are suitable for the small BABY born and Baby Annabel (30 cm) and other dolls of the same size. The 34-38 cm size is suitable for the 36 cm version of BABY born and Baby Annabell.

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What is the button on the back of Baby Annabell?

If you turn Baby Annabell on her tummy and open up the velcro section on her back, you will see that she can be switched on or off. Once on, Baby Annabell springs to life and really shows off exactly what makes her so special. Baby Annabell is interactive.

Can Baby Annabell get wet?

In terms of what Baby Annabell can do my eldest and I were impressed. … I have to say water does spill a bit when you are doing this and there is a bit of a knack to feeding her but Baby Annabell’s outfit is very easy to dry. I would say perhaps not to play in an area where you are bothered it may get a bit wet.

What age is Baby Annabell for?

Enter the world of Baby Annabell with the first cuddly dolls for babies aged 0+. The larger versions for older doll parents, some of whose functions require batteries, encourage parent-child role play.

Are Baby Annabell dolls safe?

Important safety and quality marks found on product packaging. Warning: “Not suitable for children under 3 years”: Toys marked with this are not suitable for children under three years, for example because they contain small parts that could be swallowed or long cords that could become wrapped around the child’s neck.

How do you get Baby Annabell to burp?

Alexander always drinks so hastily, that he has a lot of air in his stomach afterwards. That’s why he needs to burp after having the bottle. To help him burp just gently tap him on the upper back and he will start a burping competition with Annabell.

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How big is baby Alexander?

Height 17 inches/43cm. Batteries required: 4 x AA (not included) plus . For ages 3 years and over.