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Restaurant Reviews

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Leisure Reviews

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I have a bit of a confession: I’m not a massive fan of reading reviews. Shock horror!

I always question how genuine a review is, especially if it has been sponsored. So my pledge to you is simple: I will always be honest and will only ever report back with my true thoughts and findings.

As well as writing restaurant reviews on my blog, I also write for Restaurants Brighton, a website specialising in, you guessed it, Restaurants in Brighton!

There is nothing better than spending time with your family – in the right setting. That’s the tricky part; when children are involved there are so many variables that can push a meal, a day out, of even a holiday, right over the edge into ‘why did we bother’ territory. This is why I do tend to focus on reviewing the hospitality industry, because I truly understand the value of spending quality time with our precious families. Investing, often, small fortunes on days out can easily feel like a total waste if you don’t have all the information on your destination to hand.

I write honest funnies about where we have been and hope they help other Muma’s decide what they are putting on their calender’s…

I am restaurant reviewer for the popular website Restaurants Brighton where my family and I descend on a chosen restaurant in Brighton before reviewing exactly how family friendly they really are.

I LOVE eating out. It’s probably my favourite extracurricular activity actually. Date nights, girls nights. But never really combining the offspring element successfully. In fact we have had our fair share of car crash restaurant attempts in the past. All of which ending with hubster and I eating in shifts while the other ‘entertains’, sorry, CHASES the girls as they flee like ants in opposite directions. On the whole it’s been a waste of money: and not just on the amount of wine I have to buy on the way home to compensate.

ToddlerMonster is now the grand old age of 2, and Darcie is school age so we are going to give dining out another go… I am embarking on a bit of an Odyssey, I think I’ll call it, this Spring in an attempt to find the most toddler friendly food haunts near to where we live.

The key to this will be finding REAL family friendly restaurants. Not just the ones that claim they are but actually once you are over the threshold discover that they have an aeroplane sized loo with change facilities that wouldn’t look out of place in the Trainspotting film, have zero space for your buggy (they cost more than some cars, I will NOT be leaving it outside), together with a limited and overpriced kids menu.

Beware: I shall always be honest…

Coming soon:

The Cherry Tree, Brighton