Enough with the Gifts: Easter should be strictly Eggs Only!

I had a thought today, and I can’t decide if I’m being unreasonable or not. 

It boils down to this, and forgive me for being so simple minded, and actually totally swerving the real meaning of Easter here… But, am I being unreasonable to think that giving – and receiving – anything other than chocolate eggs / chickens / lambs / goats (Lidl’s selection is that impressive…) is just plain WEIRD?! 

It’s bad enough at Christmas, (this is going to come out wrong, and I’ll sound like a serial humbug…) it’s bad enough that we all adhere to our kids list, and outsource gift ideas to our extended family in the hope that all of our darling children’s materialistic needs are kindly met. 

But to go for round 2 only 4 months later is nuts: I’m still getting over the Sylvanian Guest House bill for Christ’s sake! 

I’m talking, of course, about people who will be giving gifts instead of a good old fashioned calorific Easter Eggs this weekend. 

“We wouldn’t want them over doing it” 


Why not?! 

Perhaps I’m being very ’80’s here, and all nostalgic as I remember sinking 5 smartie eggs in a row before breakfast. Easter was not for the faint hearted back then!

I just don’t understand all of this money exchange that seems to happen, and actual gifts being given. 

“I’m sure they’ll get loads of chocolate so here’s a gift”

No! No! No

The whole point is that as a kid you are swimming in chocolate. Willing your sibling to eat more than you, just so you can smugly still be nibbling on a Flake Egg in May. I was never that child: I was more of an all at once girl. I was lucky if my stash saw the bank holiday Monday

Step away from those Easter themed crackers too. Shudder. Don’t muddy those Christmas waters. 

Let Easter be Easter, In all of its chocolatey sickly deliciousness. 

Surely we should trade only in Eggs? Brightly coloured foil eggs. Eggs with the chocolate bars next to them. Mini eggs. Mini Dime bar eggs- mmmmmmmm!

Is it just me?!